Info for New Pinball Owners

  • The most important part of the pinball is the playfield, you will find over time that it gets dirty from the balls running over it. Every month or two, you should remove the glass and give the playfield a wipeover and then a polish with the Novus polish which we sell. Also you will see that the rubbers  are getting dirty, you can use Mr Sheen by spraying it onto a cloth, then wiping the rubbers over. Another small  trick is to rotate the flipper rubbers as you will see them wearing on the tip, just slide them around a little.
  • You should replace the balls every two years or so.
  • If your pinball keeps going to a factory setting on startup, it may mean your cpu batteries need to be replaced. This should be done every two years, most pinballs use a AA type battery.
  • All pinballs have many  adjustments, which can be done by buttons inside this front door, this procedure can look hard at first but once you do it a few times, it is quite easy to reprogram your game. This is where you can make your game easier or harder, change the number of balls per game.  Inside your game manual there will be information for you to learn. The volume controls are also inside the front door in most cases.