Q. Will my pinball increase in value ?

A. Despite pinball prices increasing over the last few years, there is no guarantee that this will occur in the future. Please remember these games should be purchased for the enjoyment of your family and friends, they are amusement machines.

Q. Will I have any problems with my pinball ?

A. I would like to answer no, but there are many moving parts and heavy balls getting pounded around the playfield. To ensure that your pinball will remain trouble free , we spend many hours going over every assembly on and under the playfield, but bulbs will stop working, wires might break off a flipper coil. We will in most cases be able to pin point the problem over the phone, if needed we can come out to your home and repair any problems.

Q. If I buy a pinball from your business, after  six months would I be able to swap or trade it in for another one ?

A. Yes, we have many customers that do this all of the time, we have been trading back our own machines for many years and will be happy to look after you and your pinball for many years.

Q. Can I put a pinball on layby and pay it off ?

A.We don’t offer any layby or finance deals but we do have credit card facilities. We can also hold the pinball on a small deposit for up to 30 days.

Q. I would like to buy a pinball for the kids to enjoy, have you anything cheaper ?

A. We try to cater for all buyers, from the first time buyer working on a budget, up to the more expensive later models and the more collectable games. We pride ourselves on having pinballs in stock for everybody.