About Us

Tony-and-Alison-TurnerTony and Alison Turner are the proud owners of the Pinball Warehouse. We have been in this industry for over 20 years and have made many fantastic friends through our hobby becoming a successful business.

We both remember spending our spare change in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s,   on whatever pinball machine or arcade game was at the local shops. This is why many of our customers wish to have their own machine at home, to relive that wonderful bunch of memories we all have. We specialise in pinball machines with staff in the workshop loving this hobby as much as we do. They work hard to restore all of the machines to as near new condition as we can.

We perform the following work on all pinballs that we sell –

  • All circuit boards checked over and any burnt connectors replaced.
  • Front apron, ramps and all plastics, removed and cleaned.
  • All playfield switches checked and adjusted.
  • All rubbers replaced.
  • Any blown bulbs or flashers replaced.
  • Ball launcher or plunger checked and adjusted.
  • All flippers rebuilt, any broken parts replaced, end of stroke switches cleaned and adjusted.
  • Every playfield coil checked for loose wires or broken brackets.
  • Inside cabinet vaccumed out.
  • New lock and key in front door.
  • Damaged siderails and any broken plastic headbox trims replaced.
  • All sides of cabinet and headbox cleaned.
  • Translite or backglass cleaned.
  • Any stripped leg bolt brackets replaced.
  • Flipper buttons and start buttons replaced if damaged.
  • Playfield glass cleaned on both sides.
  • Playfield cleaned and polished several times.
  • Game is play tested and will not be delivered until everything is working 100%.
  • Remote battery pack installed to cpu.

We also have a range of arcade games that are becoming increasingly popular with families for their home games room. We now also stock a fantastic range of  great classic jukeboxes  as there really is nothing like hearing your favourite music pumping out of one of these. Pinball and arcade machines are one of the fastest growing hobbies in this country.

We are proud to be part of supplying everyone from the new owner to the dedicated hobbyist who owns their own mini arcade at home. We will offer you the best customer service from the first point of contact in our new showroom through to the unequalled 30 day warranty we offer all customers on machines.

We know that your family and friends will have many hours of fun on your new machine and we look forward to being able to help you with getting started in this wonderful hobby.

Tony and Alison Turner